The Team

John Armstrong

Higher Rights Advocate

John has 20 years experience in criminal defence practice. He qualified as a Barrister in 1993 after completing Pupillage and re-qualified as a Solicitor in 1995. Over the years John has been involved in many serious cases, a number of which have attracted media attention. He is an experienced Higher Court Advocate having obtained his Higher Rights in 2002. John has represented clients at Crown Court trials in a wide range of cases. For instance, when acting as advocate he has secured acquittals for clients in jury trials involving allegations of: arson with Intent to endanger life, conspiracy to commit GBH, possession with intent to supply class A, violent disorder and robbery.

John is the Complaints Director, and can be contacted should you have a queries or concerns.


Nicola Babb


Nicola is a solicitor with over 25 years experience of representing clients in criminal cases. She has been involved in advising clients facing all levels of seriousness from theft through to serious fraud and assault through to terrorism, murder and manslaughter.

She is an experienced advocate representing clients over many years in London, Brighton and Bedfordshire.

Nicola is the Managing Director and can be contacted to discuss any practice finance issues.


Edward Wykes


Edward Wykes is a specialist defence solicitor with over 18 years experience dealing with serious and complex prosecutions. Recent successes include defending clients charged with: murder, death by dangerous driving, complex fraud, historic sexual offences and rape.

He has considerable experience in representing vulnerable clients with mental health difficulties who have been accused of serious crimes. He has extensive knowledge of the application of mental health law in the criminal field. Edward has guided numerous vulnerable clients through Crown Court trials leading to successful outcomes. 

Edward is recognised for his approachable nature and high client care skills. He is able to deal with high profile sensitive cases, which require media management in a calm yet tireless manner.

Known for his proactive approach, he has the ability to analyse cases where there is substantial documentation to target the central, relevant issues. Edward is the Supervisor of all legal practice matters.

Edward is a regular advocate in London’s Magistrates Courts.


Michael Bowers


Michael is a solicitor and police station adviser who has specialised in criminal law for over 25 years. He has represented clients in all levels of seriousness of offences, including serious violence and fraud, and is a calm and confident advisor in all circumstances.


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