Areas Of Work

Police Station

If you or someone you know is arrested we can arrange representation at anytime. As a specialist criminal law firm we are available to assist our clients 24 hours a day. 24 Hour Emergency Service - 07505 978733.

You have the right to representation in the police station. You should exercise this right and the representation you will receive is free.

Clear, practical advice, preserving your legal position and protecting your rights are our priority at this stage. You are safeguarding any potential defence by involving Armstrong Solicitors at an early stage.

Magistrates Court

If you face criminal proceedings your case will always commence in the Magistrates Court. This is normally the court that hears less serious matters. All solicitors at the firm have extensive experience of London and Greater London’s Magistrates Courts.

You can be assured that representation will be diligent, professional and personable. If your case is heard in the Magistrates court you will have direct contact with your solicitor during the preparation of your case.

Crown Court

Some matters can only be heard in the Crown Court where trials are held before a Judge and Jury. Other cases offer you the option to choose whether your case is heard in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. Armstrong Solicitors will always give you comprehensive and practical advice about the options available to you.

Our sole aim will be to present your case in the most advantageous manner and proactively defend your position. The firm has dealt with all categories of offences and our solicitors are able to confidently and calmly present any criminal defence.


Legal Aid

All representation in the Police station is funded by Legal Aid, at no cost to you.

If charged you may be eligible for Legal Aid. This largely depends on the offence you are charged with and the income you receive. In any event if appropriate we will help you complete Legal Aid application and all terms and conditions relevant to Legal Aid will be explained to you.

Private Clients

You may wish to instruct us privately, due to a recommendation or because you are not eligible for Legal Aid. Our rates are competitive and a realistic estimate of costs is available on request.

We can agree fixed fees in some matters. The fee will be agreed in advance and will be non-refundable once the work has commenced.

However, if your case is more complex or wish to retain the services of a particular lawyer then the hourly rate for senior solicitors (qualified as solicitors for over 8 years) is £250 per hour.

Road Traffic Offences

Even careful drivers can find themselves facing prosecution for a motoring offence. This is a technical and often complex field and we are able to advise and defend against motoring prosecutions, potentially minimising the periods of disqualification, financial penalties, increased premiums and loss of work.

A fixed fee charge is available of £500 plus VAT which includes: a pre-hearing consultation, when you will be advised fully on the matter;
represention at the first hearing;  
and a letter setting out the outcome of the hearing.

The exception to this is if the case involves complex issues, such as special reasons hearings or submissions of exceptional hardship.

Call us to discuss the rates applicable in these more complex matters.

Notable Cases

Murder: R v JS

Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)

The defendant, was accused of murder. The defendant stabbed an intruder at his residence. Self defence was relied upon. Complex mental health considerations and the home owners' defence were applied in the case. Client was acquitted after trial.

Import Drugs and Firearm: R v LL

Woolwich Crown Court

The defendant was accused of a conspiracy to import drugs and a gun. We were instructed a few days before the re-trial and required to assess voluminous material speedily and advise the client in detail prior to trial. This advice resulted in him pleading guilty to one charge and successfully contesting the other.

Sexual Offences: R v MA

Inner London Crown Court

The defendant was accused of raping a 14 year old girl as well as forcing her to perform sexual acts on him and his friends. Acquitted on all counts after trial.

Sexual Offences: R v NC

Inner London Crown Court

The defendant faced multiple counts of sexual abuse including rape over a 30 year period. Acquitted of 7 counts.

Sexual Offences: R v FS

Croydon Crown Court

The defendant was accused of serious historic sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault on his stepdaughter. After the first trial resulted in a hung jury, the re-trial resulted in an acquittal.

Sexual Offences: R v PK

Guildford Crown Court

The defendant was accused of serious historic sexual assault of a relative and he was acquitted of all counts after trial.

Kidnap and Blackmail: R v LL

Reading Crown Court

The defendant was accused of kidnap and blackmail and he was acquitted after trial involving detailed examination of phone data evidence and challenging the account given by the complainant.

Death by Dangerous Driving: R v DA

Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)

The defendant was a lorry driver accused of death by dangerous driving of a cyclist and was acquitted after trial, involving detailed examination of forensic and witness evidence.

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